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Air intake / injection
Loftventil MPI
Vægventil WI
Ceiling inlet MPI or wall inlet WI
Used for adjustment of intake air in all types of pig houses with low pressure systems.
  • Robust construction 
  • Ceiling inlet fits all types of ceiling and wall thickness
  • Wall inlet fits all types of wall thicknesses and can be casted into prefabricated walls
  • Steplessly variable 
  • Unique design 
  • Competitive prices

Stjernediffus Ø800
Star diffuser Ø800 - patented
Used with air intake from ceiling as well as above roof. Star diffuser is used in connection with low pressure systems without fan and with equal pressure systems with fan.
  • Dirt-repellent 
  • Designed to prevent penetration of water, condensation and icing
  • Solid construction

Low pressure / star diffuse

The low pressure system is designed for pig houses with air exhaust through roof or wall and air intake through roof or loft.

The operation of the system is not affected by the wind pressure. The roof cowling is designed to prevent birds from getting in.


  • Exhaust unit Ø600 or Ø800 for installation in roof or wall
  • The capacity of the fan (in the exhaust unit) depends on the number of pigs
  • Air intake unit - star diffuser Ø600 or Ø800 without fan
  • Control unit - PigCenter/PigMaster, with solutions for control of all types of houses
  • Linak actuator or Neptronic 2060/4060 is used for adjustment of baffle in exhaust unit and star diffuser in air intake
  • Connection of star diffusers and baffles is done with stainless wire and piano wire which are both resistant to heat and cold

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