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Cooperation with Mexico

ACO FUNKI is participating in the official business program "Cooperation on solutions of tomorrow" in Mexico.

First full-line project in Korea

ACO FUNKI has delivered its first full-line project to South Korea. 

40 years in the company

Congratulations to Bruno Uldum on his 40th anniversary in the company! 

85 years anniversary

The company was founded in 1933 as a small production of egg incubators. Today, 85 years later, we celebrate our anniversary as one of the leading European producers of pig housing equipment.

ACO FUNKI in Chile

ACO FUNKI visited the Danish Embassy in Santiago de Chile to discuss the opportunities for further development on the local market.

First WELSAFE in South Korea

ACO FUNKI has delivered the WELSAFE farrowing pens for loose sows to South Korea.

Official opening

Danish Pig Academy has been officially opened on Friday, 6 October 2017. 

Danish Pig Academy

New strong cooperation of Danish companies creates an international focal point in Herning.

Innov' Space award 2017

ACO FUNKI was rewarded with the Innov' Space star at the SPACE 2017 exhibition in France. 

The biggest project

Two farms in Russia, each for 6.200 sows, will be equipped with the ACO FUNKI's full-line products.

Figan Award goes to ACO FUNKI

We are pleased to inform you that ACO FUNKI Spain won the FIGAN Award at the exhibition in Zaragoza the 29th of March 2017.

Open House - Le Gouta

There was an Open House event in Carentoir, France, where everybody could come and see the brand new project with 180 WELSAFE farrowing pens for loose nursing sows...