Product news 2018

October 2018


This year, we launch several new products with main focus on dry and liquid feeding systems. All our news will, of course, be presented at the largest fairs of the year - EuroTier and Agromek. So, do not miss you change to see our recent developments - visit us at our stand no. 15F37 at EuroTier in Germany and J7110 at Agromek in Denmark.

We are also proud to announce that many of our new products have got special Agromek stars.

What is Agromek stars? 

Agromek Stars is an award system focusing attention on the exhibitors' product news. A panel of judges and experts assess the exhibitors' news and grant them 1, 2 or 3 stars. 


What does the stars mean?

The product news are granted one, two or three stars.

One star

One star means that the product have a considerable news value in comparison to earlier products on the market.

Two stars

Two stars mean that the product contains:

  • a significant capacity increase, which also contains significant changes
  • or a significantly new construction or composition in comparison to earlier products on the market


Three stars

Three stars mean that the product or parts of the product contains:

  • a new cooperation or construction principle
  • Or an entirely new composition or effect to improve performance/ergonomics/comfort/environment/economy in a notable way


See the list of our products that have got one or two Agromek stars:



The FEED MANAGER automatically adjusts the amount of feed, depending on how much time the pigs spend on eating. Learn more >>


Chain program for feed transport with the capacity of up to 30 tons per hous. 


Baby Feeder is a feeder that can be used by even the smallest pigs from 4 kg.Feed automatically fills when sensor indicates that the trough is empty. Learn more >>


VD22 is a feed dispenser that allows to use two different feed mixes in the same dispenser. Learn more >>


FUNKI LIQMIX is a new liquid feeding tank with a large inspection lid. The design allows to get all the items into the tank through an ordinary door. The capacity is up to 10 tons.


INN-O-LED is our LED-light concept where lamps can be installed as a plug and play solution. Easy installation that can be performed by the stable staff without an electrician. Learn more >>


Our new straw rack made of fibre plates is designed to provide the sow with the right amount of straw. At the same time, it is easy to empty, as the back wall can easily be removed.