Up-to-date pen equipment and feeding systems for pig production
Pen equipment

The way in which pens are designed and equipped is important not only for the pigs but also for the well-being and satisfaction of those who work in the pig house. It is the details that make the unit complete. Daily routines must be accomplished easily, quickly and precisely. This is why details such as good latches, effective hinges and an efficient lock make such a difference. more

Troughs and flooring

ACO Funki offers a wide range of polymer concrete troughs and cast iron gratings for pig houses.
We can therefore make individual and flexible solutions within single or modular-built troughs for all groups of animals and cast iron gratings fully adjusted to animal needs and, at the same time, fulfil the farmer's demands for durability and profitability. more

Dry feeding

ACO Funki has considerable expertise in feed mixing, feed transport and dispensing systems. Thanks to our many years' experience with such systems, and our use of the very latest technology, we offer innovative integrated feeding systems providing farmers with the best possible basis for professional herd management. more

Liquid feeding

Feed is the highest cost in modern pig production. Fresh feed allocated in the correct composition and quantity significantly improves profitability. Experiments have shown, for example, that residue-less feed allocation in liquid feeding systems increases earnings per weaner by EUR 0.65 and earnings per finisher by EUR 1 to 1.30. more

Spjældmotor og trækventil

Ventilation is not just a matter of moving air. Ventilation systems also control temperature, humidity, dust and fumes and are thus of vital importance to the behaviour and well-being of the pigs. Creating an optimum climate in livestock houses requires know-how. Care must also be taken when ventilation systems are designed and controlled. The interaction between ventilation requirements and the size and layout of the pig house is of great importance for optimum system function. more

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