DRIK-O-MAT drinking cup

DRIK-O-MAT drinking cup is the leading drinking cup on the market. Anatomical design, good hygiene and low water waste.


Mother-Child drinker

ACO FUNKIs Mother-Child drinker is developed for a big drinker with high water flow.

Water level valve

MASTER FLOW is a membrane-operated valve system, which maintains a constant water level in the trough.

Master Heater

Master Heater helps to reduce energy consumption in the stables by up to 50% when combined with dual control.

Heating lamp

ACO FUNKIs heating lamp is designed for infrared lamps up to 250W. The lamp's diameter is 21 cm.


LED-light for pig housing

Reduces energy consumption by min. 60-80% compared to other light sources.

Railing system

The railing system is a flexible system for multiple purpose: around grain pits, stairs, porch, and veranda.



Functional and inexpensive, easy to install and operate, dimensionally stable and distortion-resistant.