MASTER HEATER - heating lamp for farrowing and weaner pens

The new generation of heating lamps



Advantages of Master Heater

Reducing energy 

  • Reducing energy consumption in the stables by up to 50% when combined with dual control


Even distribution of heat

  • Providing more even distribution of heat than traditional heat lamps. This ensures better food intake and higher survival rates among piglets as well as reduces the use of medicine.


Waterproof IPX9K Approved 

  • Being easy to clean and maintain. To clean the Master Heater, you simply use a high pressure cleaner, which means you do not have to remove it. This also helps maintain at high hygiene level.


Long lifetime 

  • Master Heater does not use incandescent light bulbs like traditional heat lamps. 1 year warranty.


Low fire risk 

  • Master Heater work at a lower temperature than traditional heat lamps which reduces the risk of fire.



Thermographic difference of the ordinary heating lamp vs Master Heater

162 °C Above the bulb

72,0 °C Lamp base

23,6 °C Left side from the lamp

58,5 °C Above the heating element

46,2 °C Left part above Master Heater

26,0 °C Next to Master Heater, front

41,8 °C Floor under the lamp

28,8 °C The right side from the lamp

39,3 °C Under the lamp/ lid

38,5 °C Floor under Master Heater, middle

35,2 °C Floor under Master Heater, right side

33,0 °C Floor under Master Heater, leftside