Ad-Lib feeder

Ad lib sow feeding gives almost two piglets more per litter.


Combi-feeder is the most useful in the farrowing pens for loose sows, where the sow is moved while the weaners stay in the pen.

FunkiMat feeder

Available for weaners or finishers. Focus on functionality, animal welfare, effectivity, user-friendly and validity.

Double FunkiMat

Double FUNKIMAT is designed in consideration of today’s demands on housing environment..

3in1 ROTO-feeder

3in1 Roto-feeder is based on 3in1-principle: Dry feed, Pulp feed, Water.

Double 3in1 Roto feeder

Double 3in1 Roto feeder is perfect for both meal and pellet feed. The feeder facilitates feed allocation for the smallest piglets.


3in1 NX feeder

3in1 NX feeder is based on 3in1 principle, which is dry feed, fresh water and soaked feed. The feeder is perfect for both meal and pellet feeds.

TUBE-O-MAT feeder

TUBE-O-MAT is the optimum feeder for weaners, Wean-to-Finish and finishers.