ACO Funki A/S

Phase Feeding of Sows

FUNKI PHASE SOW is perfect for phase feeding of sows in the farrowing and gestation units. To optimize the sows’ performance it will be an advantage to feed them with two different feed mixes both in the farrowing and in the gestation units. It is easy to do with the MASTER VALVE SOW - feed dispenser with integrated feed valve.

The valve in the feed dispenser is controlled by a computer, where you can decide what feed mix should be given to sows. The valve will be open from a pneumatic cylinder with air pressure. If the sows have not eaten all the feed, and the next feed amount is already delivered to the feed dispenser, it is possible to lock the flap in the feed dispenser. Thus, the sow will not get the next amount of feed when the feed dispensers are being released.

  • Save feed costs
  • Optimal use of feeding system
  • User-friendly controller
  • Lock for feed release, if the sow has not eaten up
  • 8 L feed dispenser
  • Easy to adjust feed amount
  • Can be adjusted with feed in feed dispenser