ACO Funki A/S

Funki MultiController
Dry feeding controller for ad-libitum feeding

Funki Multi Controller provides an all-in-one network that can control such important areas in a stable as feeding, silo, water, light and winch system. You can get a full overview in just one PC program. Control it via your tablet or smartphone.


  • Up to 4 different silos and 5 pipe strings
  • Pipe lines: simultaneously
  • Pipe lines: following one another
  • Pipe lines: with overlap


  • Good overview
  • Easy to use
  • Access from office
  • Online access

FUNKI App allows you to manage your stable's computers with your smartphone or tablet. After installing software on your device, you can connect to FUNKI computers in the stable via Internet and SmartLink-RM. Then you have control over them. 

The screens and buttons in the App are the same as in the FUNKI computer. This results in recognizable user interface and ensures fast and precise management of the stable computer - wherever you are.