ACO Funki A/S

Milk system

Baby Care is an automatic milk feeding system that distributes fresh milk in a farrowing unit all day. The system ensures that small piglets get higher weight at weaning.

Baby Care is characterized by good hygiene. The mixer tub can be rinsed at each milk mixture, thus ensuring that there is always fresh milk.

The system has automatic milk demand control and can be set to mix small portions of milk. The milk sent into the pipes is about 20 degrees warm.


The system has a capacity for 700 farrowing pens and is installed with milk cups, which can also be used for water in the farrowing pens. The cups are very easy to clean, which is why we have chosen to use them for the milk system as well.


Touch screen

It is always possible to find the consumption in the system via the corresponding touch screen. Touch color display enabling all operations with
your finger tip.

You can monitor the consumption of both water, milk and soap products. 

Operation principle

  • In the corridor between farrowing departments, there is one forward line and one return line.
  • Manual valves to select either water or milk for the piglets.
  • Valve for circuit cleaning.