When it is desired flexibility and maximum hygiene in the farrowing stall, we can offer solutions with fully drained floor.


The STEP-system is especially designed to elevate the sow’s lying area in order to reduce the risk of crushing the small piglets by the sow.

Comfort Plate

Comfort Plate is a polymer plate for sows in farrowing pens.

Heating plate

ACO FUNKI's heating plate is used in farrowing pens to ensure optimal comfort for piglets and better survival ability of the first few days.

Cast iron slats

ACO FUNKI's cast iron slats are of a very high quality. The gratings go through detailed quality assurance program underpinned by state-of-the-art computer backed testing equipment.

Slat closer

Slat closer fits gabs from 16 - 22 mm. It is easy to customize for every needs without bolts and screws.


'ACO Funki Protect' protects the concrete slats and concrete surfaces so the living time increases.