ACO Funki A/S

Residual-free liquid feeding
Always fresh feed

Residual-free liquid feeding is a feeding method that ensures no leftovers in the feed pipes after feeding. This ensures fresh feed for each feeding, and not a mixture of new and old feed.


  • Increased number of weaned piglets with approx. 3 per sow per year
  • Increase in piglet weight by weaning up to 1.2 kg
  • Medicine consumption reduced by 50%
  • No loss of amino acids
  • Return on investment: 1-1.5 years


The mixing tank has the mixture ready. The tank for residual water is empty. The tank for clean water is full and there is clean water in the pipe line.


The mixing tank is emptied. The tank for residual water is filled. When there is no longer feed in the mixing tank, the water is pumped from the clean water tank. In this way, the clean water tank is used to distribute the feed left in the feed pipes, and when the last valve has been fed, the feed pipes are filled with water.


The mixing tank is empty. The residual water tank is filled up.