Pen equipment



Mating and gestation

Free Access Box

The open design of our free access boxes makes it possible to inseminate and stimulate the sow, and the box has many advantages.

Traditional mating box

LD-box is a traditional mating box, that has an easy operating gate function and gives the sows a free choice. 

Mating and gestation box

JUMB-O-FINE is a mating and gestation box for weaned and gestating sows. 

Comfort Box

Comfort box is a mating and gestation crate for loose sows.

Boar door with long handle

Thanks to the long handle, the door can be open from the distance, without entering the mating box.

Boar Blocking Gates

Boar blocking gate is a simple and reliable solution for using in the aisles. It is easy to mount and easy to learn for the boar.

Biofix Partitions

Biofix partition is a feeding partition for loose sows in groups.


INN-O-FLEX is a flexible penning program for sows and boars.




FUNKI Farrowing crate

FUNKI farrowing crate is a traditional farrowing crate with adjustable width, both in the front and in the rear part.

Comfort Corner

Comfort Corner is a piglet nest for the farrowing pen in diagonal/sideways design.

WELSAFE FLEX farrowing pen

WELSAFE FLEX is our unique farrowing pen for loose nursing sows.

INN-O-CRATE farrowing pen

INN-O-CRATE® is our traditional farrowing crate, which can be adjusted according to the size of the sow.

INN-O-CORNER piglet nest

INN-O-CORNER is a piglet nest for farrowing pen.

FUNKI Bioform

FUNKI Bioform is a trough with optional integrated downpipe for the farrowing pen.



Weaners and finishers


FUNKI FLEX is a flexible penning system for weaners and finishers, made of high quality hygienic material: PVC, PA and stainless steel.


CLEAN-O-FLEX is a flexible system solution based on stainless U-profiles. Sandard height: 75 / 100 cm.


FUNKI FIBER is our newly developed penning equipment for weaners and finishers. It is an improved version of our previous equipment line COMP-O-FLEX. 


FLEXCOVER climate cover has many arrangement possibilities with 25, 50 and 75 cm PVC profiles.

U-Profile PROFF LINE steel

PROFF LINE steel U-profile is made of durable stainless steel and has inwards curved edges.

Stainless pens with auto-lock

Auto-lock is an ergonomically designed handle made of cast iron stainless steel for long lifetime.