Pen equipment



Mating and gestation

Mating and boar pens

Pens for gilts, sows and boars is a strong and flexible solution. Well-suited for deep litter pens and pens with loose sows.


Jumbo-box is a mating and gestation crate, which is perfect for stimulation and insemination of the sow.

Boar Blocking Gates

Boar blocking gate is a simple and reliable solution for using in the aisles. It is easy to mount and easy to learn for the boar.

Comfort Box

Comfort box is a mating and gestation crate for loose sows.

Multibox KS

Multibox KS is a mating and gestation crate for loose sows. The crate is available in different widths.

Biofix Partitions

Biofix partition is a feeding partition for loose sows in groups.




FUNKI Farrowing crate

FUNKI farrowing crate is a traditional farrowing crate with adjustable width, both in the front and in the rear part.

Comfort Corner

Comfort Corner is a piglet nest for the farrowing pen in diagonal/sideways design.

WELSAFE FLEX farrowing pen

WELSAFE FLEX is our unique farrowing pen for loose nursing sows.

INN-O-CRATE farrowing pen

INN-O-CRATE® is our traditional farrowing crate, which can be adjusted according to the size of the sow.

INN-O-CORNER piglet nest

INN-O-CORNER is a piglet nest for farrowing pen.

FUNKI Bioform

FUNKI Bioform is a trough with optional integrated downpipe for the farrowing pen.



Weaners and finishers


FUNKI FLEX is a flexible penning system for weaners and finishers, made of high quality hygienic material: PVC, PA and stainless steel.


CLEAN-O-FLEX is a flexible system solution based on stainless U-profiles. Sandard height: 75 / 100 cm.


COMP-O-FLEX is a complete system, especially suitable for wean-to-finish and finishers. Standard height: 75, 85 and 96 cm.


INN-O-FLEX is a new flexible penning program for sows and boars.


FLEXCOVER climate cover has many arrangement possibilities with 25, 50 and 75 cm PVC profiles.

U-Profile PROFF LINE steel

PROFF LINE steel U-profile is made of durable stainless steel and has inwards curved edges.

Stainless pens with auto-lock

Auto-lock is an ergonomically designed handle made of cast iron stainless steel for long lifetime.