Penning equipment for sows and boars INN-O-FLEX


INN-O-FLEX is a new flexible penning program for sows and boars. The equipment is 110 cm high and mounted on 5x5 cm galvanized posts. There can be used both 35 mm and 40 mm board profiles as well as 10 mm solid panels.


There are vertical or horizontal pipes at the top of the equipment, that close tightly down over the board profiles. Besides, stainless steel U-profiles with inwards curved edges reduce the risk of manure penetration between U-profiles and board profiles. It ensures a better durability and makes it easier to keep the equipment clean.


INN-O-FLEX 40 mm
INN-O-FLEX 35 mm
INN-O-FLEX 10 mm

Technical data

Height 110 cm
Posts 5x5 cm
PVC board profile, thickness 35 / 40 mm
LDPE plate, thickness 10 mm
Handle Pin lock/ Twist lock
1. Pin lock
2. Twist lock