LD-BOX - traditional mating box

LD-box is a traditional mating box, that has an easy operating gate function and gives the sows a free choice. They can choose to stay in the box or in the resting area with the deep straw bedding.

The sows are able to sort out the hierachy in the group before mating, which gives the foetuses the best conditions after fertilisation. At the same time the deep bedding mat gives the sows unique possibilities for exercise and roughage - it will make the sows calm.

Easy access through the rear gate, one-hand operated front gate and 2 meters height give the best working environment.


  • Easy access and good space conditions for sows and for staff
  • Ensures optimum stimulation and time of service
  • The side covered trough gives an undisturbed eating situation and thereby a low stress level
  • The open front grille/front gate provides a superior boar contact and ensures clear heat symptoms
  • Rounded equipment parts and focus on finish minimize the risk of injuries
  • Multi-adjustable support
  • Maximum space utilization