ProCleaner X100 is a powerful, flexible and reliable wash robot for cleaning the vast majority of types of pig house. ProCleaner X100 was developed and tested over a period of 5 years, and is described by customers as being “… an efficient and reliable help in our day-to-day work”.


The machine is simple in its construction, but houses an effective and high-tech wash robot that can tackle even the largest of jobs.

ProCleaner X100 is built on 4 wheels and is 65 cm wide and 100 cm in length. The wash robot is controlled sideways by an adjustable sidewheel that runs up the side of fixtures and ensures that it keeps going in the right direction. The machine has an ultrasound sensor which ensures that the machine stops when it reaches a wall.


ProCleaner X100 can be programmed to run both a soaking programme and several different types of wash. The machine is connected via the existing high-pressure system using standard high-pressure hoses and requires a water volume of  a minimum of  25 litres per minute.



Technical specifications

Product name

ProCleaner X100

Dimensions (LxBxH) cm



285 kg

Power supply

230 V

Required amperage

6 amp

Water consumption

min. 20 / max. 40 liter per minute

Maximum water pressure

200 bar

Operating pressure

140 bar (40 ltr. water/minute)