On this page we will collect interesting case stories from our customers. We hope it will inspire you and will help to make the right decision regarding the penning equipment for your farm.

You are, of course, always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.


WELSAFE in South Korea

ACO FUNKI has delivered the WELSAFE farrowing pens for loose sows to South Korea.

First full-line project in Korea

ACO FUNKI has delivered its first full-line project to South Korea. 

Projects in Norway

Last week, there were two Open House events in Norway, organized in cooperation with our local dealer Felleskjøpet Agri.

Breeding Center Kauergaard

The breeding center “Avlscenter Kauergaard” in Denmark is one of the places where Egebjerg’s product range has been fully represented since 2007. 

RBPI project in Russia

ACO FUNKI delivers equipment for 2 farms in Russia, where each farm has a capacity of 6.200 sows and a yearly production of 210.000 finishers.

Full-line project in Belarus

ACO FUNKI has delivered equipment for two full-line projects in Belarus. Each farm has 2.200 sows and a yearly production of 62.600 finishers.

Soc. Agr. Nordera in Italy

ACO FUNKI has delivered the equipment for renovation of the existing building to Soc. Agr. Nordera in Italy. 

Osumi farm, Japan

The farm has 2.000 sows with finishers, and ACO FUNKI delivers equipment for 800 sows with finishers.

Farrowing unit, Herning

For this project we have delivered 156 our popular FUNKI farrowing pens F207, plastic and cast iron flooring as well as liquid feeding system with integrated downpipes.

Finisher unit, Herning

New modern finisher unit with 160 pens made compact laminate plates (fibre plates). 

Farrowing unit, Kølkær

Rasmus Andersen has just expanded its farrowing unit in Kølkær, Denmark. After renovation it is now place for 1.000 sows. 

Sdr. Solsbæk Pig farm, Sæby

Sdr. Solsbæk pig farm in Sæby, Denmark, has invested in a new pig barn with modern energy solutions..

Weaner unit, Thisted

For weaner unit at Thomas Kristoffersen in Thisted, Denmark, ACO Funki has delivered pen equipment for 96 weaner pens as well as TUBE-O-MAT feeders and four feeding systems.

STEP system, Portugal

In 2016, one of the farms in Portugal has won an award for its high production results after renovating the farm and mounting STEP cast iron slats.