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ACO FUNKI today is a stable company with representatives in several countries such as Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, and China.

Since 2004, ACO FUNKI is a part of ACO GROUP - a leading drain system manufacturer with about 5,000 employees in more than 40 countries. In November 2014, ACO FUNKI has acquired all the assets of the previous competitor Egebjerg International A/S.

ACO FUNKI is under a constant ongoing development. We aim to be the best on the market in terms of both price and quality. We permanently innovate for improvement in order to offer our customers the most modern and efficient equipment.

Managing Feed Waste in Pig Production

Every year, one third of the total amount of food produced globally is either lost or wasted. All together that is 1.6 billion tons of food – also worth about $1.2 trillion USD. Let’s work together across nations to turn this global challenge into business opportunities.

At ACO FUNKI A/S, we are part of the solution. See our initiative here >>

Danish Design - German Quality - Global Experience

High quality does not appear by itself. It is necessary to systematically check the raw materials, as well as to perform quality control and testing at all production stages.

As a part of the global concern ACO, we have the opportunity to manufacture our products at ACO’s own production facilities located in 15 countries, often even close to the end user in order to offer the most competitive price.

“Danish design, German quality, Global experience” is not just a slogan. It is the principles we work according to every single day.

A team of highly qualified specialists in Denmark works constantly on development and optimization of our products, which are subsequently produced in different parts of the world.

Our plastic slats and polymer concrete troughs are mostly produced in Germany. The production of stainless steel products is established in Czech Republic, in Ukraine – galvanized steel products. In Denmark, at our own factory, we produce stainless steel troughs and posts for pen equipment as well as PowerLine chain for dry feeding.

Electronic process control and management systems are also manufactured in Denmark as well as assembling of feeders, pen equipment and power units for dry feeding.

In the conditions of modern world globalization, we are proud to be able to produce and deliver you high-quality products - anywhere in the world.

Building a new farm is not only equipment and buildings. All parameters are crucial for securing an optimal, sustainable and profitable pig operation.

Often farmers worldwide build as they always have done, have focus on low investment and cheap products. Often we see that the things do not fit together, it does not last as long as the payback time and the production results are poor.

Do you need an assistance in developing the right design with the right product and the best knowledge from the start?

We are ready to provide you the professional guidance! Please visit to learn more about Danish Pig Project Institute.

Our experts at Danish Pig Project Institute have many years of experience designing farms worldwide with Danish knowhow adopted to local environment. We know how to do things right from the first time, our goal is to help investors not making mistakes in their new project and to be your preferred ONE-STOP partner for pig farm projects.