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New generation of farrowing pens
Welsafe for loose sows

In the last two decades, in many countries and production systems all across the globe, gestation crates have disappeared to enhance sow welfare. The notion grows that a sow must also be able to stretch its legs during lactation. In various countries, legislation has already been accepted in that direction, and new farrowing crates will likely have to change design and usage in the European Union by the latest 2027. Plenty of reasons, therefore, to look into alternatives already now.

ACO FUNKI has developed a WELSAFE farrowing pen for loose sows, where the sow is only confined for a few days and has better conditions than a traditional farrowing pen. When the piglets are born, they are safe right after birth while the sow is still confined. After this, they have plenty of space to move around.

Welsafe farrowing pen helps to increase productivity. Welsafe is a farrowing pen for loose nursing sows, where the sow can be fixated during farrowing. The farrowing pen’s unique features help reduce piglet mortality and increase the weight on weaning compared to the traditional farrowing pens.

In general, the WELSAFE farrowing pen is about making the sow comfortable and increasing the piglets' survival rate. When you choose the right flooring, the farrowing pen ensures a colder space for the sow and a warmer area for the piglets. The sow usually rests on the cool cast iron floor, while the piglets need warmer plastic gratings. Learn more about Welsafe