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For use during farrowing - the best start for newborn piglets

First-Care is a heat mat, which is placed behind a sow during the farrowing, so the piglets are born to a mat that is approx. 39°C warm. With the heat mat, the newborn piglets get more optimal life start, as the risk of undercooling is reduced. It is expected that the survival rate for newborn piglets will increase by 0,2 piglets per litter (based on the first statistical experience).
After farrowing, remove the First-Care mat.

Facts about First-Care heat mat:

  • Connection: 220 V
  • Energy consumption: 320 W
  • Dimension: approx. 350 x 860 x 10 mm
  • Temperature: By default 39°C. Adjustable 30-45°C
  • 4,5 m cable (with bite resistant coating near the mat)
  • Features: Ergonomic handles for easy placement

Without the First-Care mat, the very first bedding for the newborn piglets is down to about 11°C. With the First-Care mat it is approx. 36-38°C; the piglets get a more gentle start to life, thus having greater survival chances.

Timer / controller:

  • Built-in holder for placing on the partition
  • Possible to set delayed start
  • Can run all the time or for time-limited period