Funki MultiStraw system
Automatic distribution of straw

Funki MultiStraw transports cut straw by means of the special transport system, controlled by Funki MultiController. Along with the straw dosing units, this provides a system that can distribute straw at the desired times and amounts during the day.

Funki MultiStraw can dose the exact amount of straw needed by the individual animal groups. The amount of straw can be adjusted according to the animals' needs. By increasing the amount of straw, biogas production can be improved as the amount of dry substance in the slurry is increased.

Likewise, it is possible to adjust the dosing times so that it happens outside of the times when the employees are in the building, which provides a better working environment.

  • Recommended for all animal groups
  • Allocation of straw several times a day
  • Optimization of straw consumption
  • Capacity from 0,5 to 10 l
  • Amount can be adjusted per pen
  • Improves animals' welfare
  • Improves stomach health
  • Less medicine consumption
  • Improved working environment