Dry feeding systems

Feeding of sows

  • VD100 floor feeder
  • Ad-lib feeder
  • Combi-feeder for sows and weaners
  • Phase feeding of sows

Intelligent Sow Feeding (iSF)

  • Save up to 800 gr of feed per sow per day.
  • Increase the efficiency of your time.
  • Reduce the pathogenic transmission.

Feeders for pigs

  • Baby Feeder
  • Box Feeder
  • FUNKIMAT feeder
  • TUBE-O-MAT feeder
  • 3IN1 NX feeder

Feed dispensers for dry feeding

  • VD2 feed dispenser
  • VD5 feed dispenser
  • VD6 feed dispenser
  • VD22 feed dispenser

Phase feeding of pigs

  • Master Valve Dry and Funki Phase Dry
  • FunkiNet Dry Single
  • FunkiNet Dry Section
  • FunkiNet Dry Multi

Feed Transport System

  • Extremely strong conveyor chains
  • Corners are optimized to extra long durability
  • Transportation of pellets and meal