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iSF Sense
Intelligent Farrowing Feeding / Watering System

  • Save up to 800 gr of feed per sow per day.
  • Increase the efficiency of your time.
  • Reduce the pathogenic transmission.

With a pneumatic dispenser that measures feed with a wheel, each portion is delivered in small doses (100 to 200g) according to the appetite and the ingestion rhythm of the animal. The TIT System (Trough Inspection Technology) in the bottom the trough allows to distribute the feed when the system detects that the trough is empty.

The sows eat at their own pace and appetite according to their feeding curve - with no wasted feed. Each dose is delivered with a water dose. Between the meals, water distribution curves are programmable.
The daily water portion is also delivered in small quantities. Thus, the sow has always fresh water in the trough. These elements encourage the sow consumption and lactation.
But, the iSF Sense system doesn’t stop here and can even go further. It is also possible to control the supply of the silos.

Better feeding management for farrowing sows

The wheeled feed dispenser with actuator guarantees precision and reduces maintenance.
The warning light shows that the sow is in consumption alert. The threshold can be adjusted by the breeder and can be seen immediately without needing to use a computer.

Feed and water control

The trough is fitted with TIT system (Trough Inspection Technology). It dispenses the next dose of feed only if the previous dose has been eaten: no waste, clean troughs, and less frequent cleaning

Better management with performance database

The entire system can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via the Internet. The farrowing rooms can easily be monitored remotely.
The gestating sow’s data is directly transferred to the farrowing file.