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Loose farrowing pen: Welsafe

  • Сan be built into existing stalls
  • Inspection access b/w farrowing crate and piglet nest
  • Good space for milking system for piglets
  • Swivelling sides allow short-term restraining
  • Less piglets’ mortality
  • Height-adjustable barrier plate in piglet nest

Farrowing pen: Funki F207

  • Maximum space for nursing piglets
  • Simple and efficient sow crate adjustment
  • Soft, plastic-coated rear door - gentle to sows
  • Tiltable rear part for better safety during farrowing
  • Extra-large covered piglet nest for subsequent weaning
  • Available in longitudinal variant

Farrowing pen: INN-O-CRATE

  • High weight at weaning
  • Adapted to the anatomy of the sow
  • Safe farrowing and free movement behavior
  • Piglets have free access to the utter
  • Tiltable wings for better safety of piglets
  • One of the largest piglet nests on the market

Funki Intelligent Heat Lamps

  • Saves up to 80 % of heat energy
  • Optimal indoor climate and living conditions for pigs
  • Healthier, heavier pigs
  • Easy to install without use of special tools
  • Fit to all climate covers
  • Control via Android App

Curtains for piglet nest

  • +0,5 kg at weaning
  • +20C in the piglet nest
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower CO2 emission
  • Energy savings - more than 50 EUR per year per nest
  • Payback period is less than 6 months

Loose farrowing pen: FT-30

  • Very flexible; can be used from birthg to 30 kg
  • Less transportation of pigs, less stress, better growth
  • Suitable for production of welfare pigs
  • Extra large piglet nest; place for up to 25-30 kg’s pigs
  • Transparent cover in the piglet nest
  • Height-adjustable barrier plate in the piglet nest

Baby Care milk system for piglets

  • Automatically makes milk mixes
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Less residuals in 8 mm hoses
  • Up to 1 kg higher weight at weaning
  • Reduces the number of nursing sows
  • Lower infection risk