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Farrowing pen for loose sows: WELSAFE FLEX
Space-saving farrowing pen for loose sows

In the last two decades, in many countries and production systems all across the globe gestation crates have disappeared to enhance sow welfare. The notion grows that also during lactation a sow must also be able to stretch her legs.

In various countries, legislation has already been accepted in that direction, and it is likely new farrowing crates will have to change design and usage in the European Union by latest 2027. Plenty of reasons therefore to look into alternatives already now. What is the alternative to a traditional farrowing system?

ACO FUNKI offers WELSAFE farrowing pen for loose nursing sows, where the sow is only confined for a few days and has better conditions compared to a traditional farrowing pen. When the piglets are born, they are safe right after birth, while the sow is still confined. After this, they have plenty of space to move around.

If you need to inspect the sow, it is possible to gather all the piglets in the piglet nest. There is a special aisle between the farrowing crate and the piglet nest, so you do not need to enter the area with the sow.

In general, the WELSAFE farrowing pen is all about making the sow comfortable and increase the survival rate of the piglets.

  • Swiveling sides allow short-term restraining, it helps to reduce piglets’ mortality
  • Height-adjustable barrier plate in the piglet nest
  • The sides can also be used as flexible protection during inspection of the sow
  • Inspection access between the farrowing crate and the piglet nest - not necessary for employees to come in to the sow
  • Good space for milking system for piglets
Pen length240-260 cm
Pen widthmin 240 cm
Trough volume19,5 l
Side height50/75/100 cm
Front height75/100 cm
Rear part height50 cm
Gate height100 cm
Piglet nest standard model0,75 m2
Piglet nest XL model1,0 m2

The plastic trough is designed to fit with U-profile in the corner. Hereby closing completely to wall/inventory in front of the trough.

Capacity 19,5 L.

The corner trough for Welsafe farrowing crate is also available in stainless steel.

Capacity 19,5 L.

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