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Farrowing pen for loose sows: WELSAFE FLEX
Space-saving farrowing pen for loose sows

WELSAFE FLEX is a farrowing pen for loose nursing sows, where the sow can be fixated during farrowing. The farrowing pen’s unique features help to reduce piglets mortality and to increase weight on weaning compared to the traditional farrowing pens. The farrowing pen is space-saving and can be built into new as well as into existing stalls.

• Inspection access between the farrowing crate and the piglet nest - not necessary for employees to come in to the sow

• Good space for milking system for piglets

• Swiveling sides allow short-term restraining, it helps to reduce piglets’ mortality

• Height-adjustable barrier plate in the piglet nest

• The sides can also be used as flexible protection during inspection of the sow

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Pen length240-260 cm
Pen widthmin 240 cm
Trough volume19,5 l
Side height50/75/100 cm
Front height75/100 cm
Rear part height50 cm
Gate height100 cm
Piglet nest width78 cm
Piglet nest area0,7 m2

The trough is designed to fit with U-profile in the corner. Hereby closing completely to wall/inventory in front of the trough. Choose between PVC or stainless steel. The corner trough's capacity is 19,5 l.

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