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Polymer plate for farrowing pens: COMFORT PLATE
Alternative to cast iron slats

Comfort Plate is a polymer plate for sows in farrowing pens. It has dimensions of 60 x 40 cm, and the plate is developed in order to help sows to cool off and at the same time to ensure dry surface. The plate is made of polymer concrete, so the surface is always non-slip without sharp edges. The plate is supported and held in place by a specially designed plastic support, which ensures that the plate follows the floor surface. Comfort Plate can be used as a substitute for ordinary concrete tiles, if they have become rough in the surface.

  • Made of polymer concrete
  • 5 times longer lifetime than conventional concrete
  • Protects sows from shoulder ulcers
  • Cool non-slip surface
  • Always dry surface
  • No sharp edges
  • Easy mounting

Comfort PlateConcrete
Durability>20 yearsmax 5 years
Risk for shoulder ulcersNo or >0,1%Big <5%
SurfaceSoftBecomes rough
Ability to absorb moistureNoYes
Surface shapeWith small fall, water always runs downFlat, not fall

Martin Holck Andersen has in 2016 mounted polymer plates “Comfort Plate” for sows instead of concrete slabs, and since then his sows have never experienced shoulder ulcers. The problem with concrete slabs is that they absorb moicture and that can give shoulder ulcers. It never happens with “Comfort Plate”. The surface is always dry and cool.

Martin Holck Andersen, Risgaarden, Viborg, Denmark
2200 sows, 41,2 psy