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Funki Piggi Soup
Liquid feeding system for piglets

Piggi Soup is targeted small piglets at weaning. It is a "blind end" liquid probe feeding that uses residual-free distribution by the end of the day.

Piggi Soup is a two tank residual free liquid feeding solution, in recommended pipe dimension of 40 mm. Water and residual water intake through pipe circuits reduce biofilm inside of pipe circuits, and secure a very clean setup.

Piggi Soup includes a rinsing program that uses hot water, soap, acid or all of the mentioned ingredients, depending on customer wishes. Pipe circuits are included in rinsing program, according to customer preference.

  • Zinc free weaning
  • Always fresh feed due to the frequent mixing and dosing in small amounts
  • No feed residuals in the pipes during the pauses
  • Piglets always get the food they need and therefore grow faster
  • Alternative to the time-consuming manual feeding
  • The continuity of the process increases the output of the production
  • Automatically scheduled cleaning keeps bacteria level at a minimum
  • Less mortality rate of the small piglets

Manual feeding of the small piglets has shown significant improvement in growth, when dosing a liquid feed with adequate products. However, the manual feeding requires a lot of man-hours, and in general dosing wont happen when pigs are hungry, but when people are at sight.

Piggi Soup keeps water and acid as stabilizer in pipes and distribution tank during the night, when the system is inactive. During the first feeding of the day, water intake is done through pipe circuits, ensuring any small residuals are rinsed out, towards distribution tank.

Piggi Soup will afterwards finalize the intake, fill pipe circuits calculated for distribution, and dose portions in the speed, piglets are able to consume their rations. Between each dosing the system is in pause mode, waiting to distribute.