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Multibox Comfort
Mating and gestation box for loose sows

Multibox Comfort for loose gestant sows allows easy and unhindred access for stimulation and insemination of sows. A farm manager can easily enter the box when the front door and high posts are combined at the front of the box. It is possible to fasten the box on existing crate sides.

Length2400/2550 mm
Height1000 mm
Width500/600/650 mm
Posts40 x 40 x 4 mm
Upper pipes33,7 x 2,65 mm
Lower pipes33,7 x 2,65 mm
Bars14 mm solid round iron
Front/ rear gateTop hinged
Locking system2 meter height
QualityHot galvanized
Water supply2 meter height: 1” galvanized or stainless steel
Water inlet½” SS pipe, SS nipple. 1 per 2 boxes