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Free Access Box
Combined mating and gestation unit

The free access box is designed and improved over the years in order to ensure the sows’ safety and minimize agression during feeding. The free access box gives more space for a sow on a smaller area than other boxes in the market. The free access box is designed with a unique locking system, which prevents two sows coming into the box at the same time. And if it occurs, our flexible tie rod ensures that the sow in the back can always come out without getting hurt.

One more area where the free access box is a step ahead: the locking system makes it possible to lock all the boxes at once - automatically or manually - or just to lock one box.

  • Easy to operate closing system
  • No pipes above the sow; easy insemination
  • 3 sows can be reached from the same position
  • All parts are designed with focus on animal welfare
  • Possible to group the sows immediately after weaning
  • Integrated mating and gestation unit

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Lying length200/210 cm (w. front grille extension)
Height103,3 cm
Width65/70 cm
Posts40 x 40 x 4 mm
Rear support25 mm solid cast iron
Horizontal pipe33,7 x 2,65 mm
Front/ rear gateSide hinged/ top hinged
Locking systemIntegrated into the box side
QualityHot galvanized
Water supply1” galvanized or stainless steel pipes
Water inlet½” SS pipe, SS nipple. 1 per 2 boxes