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Accurate monitoring of pigs growth with Funki OptiScale
Practical information about growth, feeding plan and slaughter data

Funki OptiScale ensures accurate monitoring of pigs growth. Our Funki Opti Scale pig weight can be placed in a pen or between two pens. The scale registeres all the weighings during the day, and then send the feedback back to the feedings system, which can then be adjusted accordingly.

The scale gives the farmer a complete overview over pigs' performance at any time of the day and follows their growth day by day. This enables pig producer to deliver all pigs at the right weight.

Funki Opti Scale is available in two models - one for weaners and a larger model for finishers. It can be placed anywhere in the pen and is attached to the floor. The scale detects if there is only one pig on the scale, and sorts the data if there are several pigs on it.

  • Weighs 24/7
  • Complete overview of pigs growth
  • Helps to optimize the genetic potential
  • Automatic feed regulation
  • Optimal delivery weight
  • Pigs growth curves day by day

OptiScale for weaners

OptiScale for finishers