Phase feeding with automatic change of feed mix
FunkiNet Dry Section

FunkiNet Dry Section is a flexible dry feeding control unit which is very easy to operate. The system can be adapted according to individual customer needs and wishes.

FunkiNet Dry Section ensures efficient pig production - one click and you are in full control. FunkiNet Dry Section can be made for both phase feeding and multi-phase feeding. The multi-phase feeding will mix the feed from 2 silos with frequency regulated speed control and there is a return silo for each section.

  • PC operated user interface
  • Easy monitoring of daily feed consumption
  • High capacity
  • Automatic creation of feed curves based on pigs’ production results
  • Feed curves, mixes, etc., are shown graphically on the screen
  • Keying errors are thus immediately spotted and corrected
  • Fill silo or section according to the feed curve
  • Storage control with batch registration ensuring complete traceability at all times