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Phase Feeding for pigs - Reduce feed costs
ColorFeed phase feeding

Why is phase feeding important for pigs welfare?

Tailoring your pigs' diets to their specific needs is essential to managing feeding costs effectively. Pigs use the energy they get from their feed for maintenance and growth, and as they grow, they become more efficient at converting this feed into muscle. This efficiency highlights the importance of adjusting their diets to accurately match their changing nutritional requirements.

Initially, when pigs are young, they need nutrient-rich feed to support rapid growth. However, their requirement for certain nutrients decreases as they mature and gain weight. As pigs grow and gain weight, their diet needs proportionately fewer nutrients.

Without adjusting the feed composition at this stage, one might feed them nutrient-dense (in terms of nitrogen and phosphate) and, consequently, more costly, unnecessarily feed them for an extended period.

This results in a less efficient feed conversion ratio and elevated feeding costs. Moreover, the excess minerals are discharged into the environment, causing elevated nitrogen and phosphorus emissions that could have been avoided.

We offer phase-feeding systems for sows, weaners, and finishers. The systems work according to the same principle and deliver the right amount of feed to the animals at exactly the right time.

Phase Feeding - Top 3 benefits for a farmer:

  • Reduced Feeding Costs:

Implementing phase feeding allows precise tailoring of diets to the pigs' specific growth stages and nutritional needs. This precision in feeding ensures that pigs get what they need for growth without wasting resources, leading to significant cost savings over time.

  • Improved Feed Efficiency:

By adjusting the feed composition, farmers can ensure that feed is consumed more efficiently and contributes directly to the pigs' growth, making the entire growth process more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Easy to use:

ColorFeed is easy to use and does not require the installation of extra electronics or mechanical equipment. One color is equivalent to one recipe/feed mixture.

Complete automation system for pig farms
Funki MultiController

By using the MultiController as a phase feeding controller, it is possible to run up to 6 different feeds in one feed valve or circuit system in the color feeding concept.

FUNKI MULTI CONTROLLER is a complete automation system for pig farms. The system regulates, controls and monitors such important systems in your pig barn as climate, feeding, water supply, lighting, animal weighing and so on. This smart, user-friendly automation system gives you total control over all your barn processes and increases the profitability of your business operations. It also makes your work a whole lot easier!

The automated feed and water control system ensures that your animals receive the right amount of feed and water on time and that you have insight 24/7 into feed consumption and feed costs.

More about Multi Controller

How ColorFeed works?

ColorFeed is a way to make Phase feeding of pigs simple and easy to use without installing a high amount of electronic and/or mechanical equipment.

One Color means one recipe, feed type or feed mixture. It is possible to have 2 to 6 colors in one system, i.e. 2 to 6 steps in feed strategy.

ColorFeed Single - Phase feeding on a pen level

  • Regulates the feed type individually for each pen
  • At each Master Valve, there is a contact for manual control of which feed type should be used
  • If the red valve is open, the feed dispenser will be filled with feed mix 1 - RED

ColorFeed Group - Phase feeding on a section level

  • Regulates the feed type for each section
  • There is an air switch on each row, typically just outside the section or row to manually determine what feed will be used in the section
  • If the valve “Yellow” is open, the dispensers will only fill with Mix 2 - YELLOW