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ColorFeed Phase Feeding
Dry feeding system for sows, weaners and finishers

Phase feeding, also known as interval feeding, is a feeding strategy that involves changing the composition of a pig's diet as it progresses through different stages of growth. Phase feeding is important for achieving optimal growth performance, improving feed efficiency, and reducing costs.

Dry feeding, in particular, is a critical component of phase feeding for pigs. One of the main benefits of dry feeding is that it allows for precise control of nutrient intake, which is essential for achieving optimal growth performance. By adjusting the composition of the pig's diet as it grows, farmers can ensure that the animal is receiving the right amount of nutrients at the right time, which can help to maximize growth rates and improve feed efficiency.

We offer phase feeding system for sows (FUNKI SOW MULTI) as well as for weaners and finishers (FUNKI DRY MULTI). The systems work according to the same principle and deliver the right amount feed to the animals at exactly the right time.

Funki MultiController

By using the MultiController as a phase feeding controller, it is possible to run up to 6 different feeds in one feed valve or circuit system in the color feeding concept.

FUNKI MULTI CONTROLLER is a complete automation system for pig farms. The system regulates, controls and monitors such important systems in your pig barn as climate, feeding, water supply, lighting, animal weighing and so on. This smart, user-friendly automation system gives you total control over all your barn processes and increases the profitability of your business operations. It also makes your work a whole lot easier!

The automated feed and water control system ensures that your animals receive the right amount of feed and water on time and that you have insight 24/7 into feed consumption and feed costs.

More about Multi Controller

ColorFeed Single - Phase feeding on a pen level

  • Regulates the feed type individually for each pen
  • At each Master Valve, there is a contact for manual control of which feed type should be used
  • If the red valve is open, the feed dispenser will be filled with feed mix 1 - RED

ColorFeed Group - Phase feeding on a section level

  • Regulates the feed type for each section
  • There is an air switch on each row, typically just outside the section or row to manually determine what feed will be used in the section
  • If the valve “Yellow” is open, the dispensers will only fill with Mix 2 - YELLOW