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Scraping system for straw removal from the manure channels
Simple and effecient manure removal

When optimizing the operation of a pig barn, efficient straw use is essential for animal welfare. An efficient way to remove straw from the manure channels is a scraping system that simplifies the process and offers economic benefits.

The scraping system is designed as a simple and effective solution for removing straw from the manure channels in the pig barn. This has several advantages, which benefit the farmer's operation and the environment around the barn.

1. A primary benefit of using a scraping system is the reduction of ammonia and odor emissions. Keeping the channels free of accumulated straw minimizes the risk of ammonia and odors developing and affecting the animals' health and the surrounding environment.

2. Our scraping system requires only minimum maintenance. The simple construction and operation make it a cost-effective investment that saves time and reduces the need for ongoing repairs and maintenance.

3. An additional advantage of the scraping system is that there is no limit to the amount of straw it can handle. This gives farmers the freedom to adjust the amount of bedding as needed and ensures optimum hygiene and comfort for the animals.

  • When using straw bedding, the scraping system is a simple and efficient solution to get the straw out of the manure channels
  • Reduces ammonia and odor emissions
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • No limitation on straw length
  • Control via Funki MultiController
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