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Funki Fiber - Strong durable solution for pig farming

FUNKI FIBER is the penning equipment program for pigs, but can be also used for other animals. The core in the equipment is a 10 mm massive compact panel, which, despite its thickness, is an extremely strong and durable material.

The entire construction is made of the compact panels without posts, and all the pipes end with the PVC adapters or plugs. It helps to reduce accumulating of manure in the difficult accessible places. Funki Fiber is often used for weaners and finishers - learn more about the possibilities here.


FUNKI FIBER equipment is made of fiber panels that have a thickness of only 10 mm. It gives more space for pens without compromising on quality. Fiber panel is very strong and impact resistant material.


FUNKI FIBER equipment is made of fiber panels, where all edges are rounded to minimize the risk of injuries. The closed equipment contribute to a specially good hygiene and have bactericidical properties.

Solid fiber plate helps reducing risk of infection

  • Can be used in farrowing unit, weaners and finishers barns
  • Solid compact plate with the thickness of 10 mm
  • Well-sealed equipment, adapters on each pipe to avoid welds
  • No hidden places where dirt can accumulate
  • Only smooth surfaces and complete and durable quality
  • In every way a complete system

Quality Test

To ensure the high quality, our fiber plates undergo several quality tests. The tests take place in Denmark and include the following procedures:

  • Thickness control
  • Flexibility test
  • Test of the plate's resistance to impact
  • Test of the plate's hardness in surface and core
  • Measurement of the plate's resistance to immersion in boiling water

Types Overview

Height, mm
Compact panel and 1 top pipex--
Compact panel and 2 top pipe-x-
Compact panel and 3 top pipe--x
Suspended gatexxx
Gate in full widthxxx

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