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Liquid Feeding for pigs
High accuracy and fast distribution of feed

Liquid feeding systems are fully automatic and can provide high accuracy and fast distribution of food at minimal cost. In our systems, you can mix up to 99 food components, and the automation of the cooking process allows you to make food with 50 different recipes. Using liquid feeding reduces water consumption in the pig farm and rationalizes the use of food, water, and medicine: liquid feeding greatly simplifies vaccination and treatment of animals.

Liquid feeding is particularly cost-effective for finishers because it fattens animals, significantly increasing food costs. Liquid feeds are well assimilated by animals (especially piglets), which is a prerequisite for accelerating animal growth, so the pigs reach slaughter weight in a shorter time.

A liquid feeding system can control the amount of food consumed and allows you to develop a unique feeding program for each animal. The dosing computer provides a differentiated selection of food during the day depending on the pig’s age during the pig’s growth.


  • Zinc free weaning
  • Always fresh feed due to the frequent mixing and dosing in small amounts
  • No feed residuals in the pipes during the pauses
  • Piglets always get the food they need and therefore grow faster


  • An intelligent system that automatically adjusts the amount of liquid feed
  • Detection of how fast the feed gets eaten
  • Ensures that the animals get the correct amount of feed
  • Avoid feed waste

LIQMIX mixing tank

  • Precise measuring & Optimal mixing
  • Prevents stationary top layer
  • Can be started with a full tank
  • Built-in stone trap
  • Tank window
  • Large opening
  • Automatically secured upon opening

Residual-free liquid feeding

  • Increased number of weaned piglets with approx. 3 per sow per year
  • Increase in piglet weight by weaning up to 1.2 kg
  • Medicine consumption reduced by 50%
  • No loss of amino acids
  • Return on investment: 1-1.5 years

Liquid feeding systems

  • Central piping with section pipes without return
  • Central piping with section pipes with return
  • Ad-libitum feeding for sows and weaners

Components for liquid feeding

  • Component inlet and CCM
  • Microdosing system
  • Feed valves
  • Twin-spin pipe
  • Stone trap
  • Pumps

Controller for liquid feeding

  • Full automation of feed mixes and feed distribution
  • Feed programs for the entire growth period (up to 99 programs)
  • The system mixes and transports feed according to the selected recipes
  • Can be adjusted at sectional and valve leve
  • FunkiNet monitors the mixing process, distributes feed and provides analysis of the processes and results