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New modern farm in Korea
Two-level farm for 450 sows

24 June 2020

Our customer SDS farm has chosen to invest in a farrowing system for loose sows. The farmer’s idea behind the concept is to make his pig farm eco-friendly and modern. Besides, it is important that neighbors feel comfortable in the proximity of the pig farm.

Establishing this farm is a big step towards an even more advanced pig industry in Korea. The farmer himself was deeply involved in the construction and design of the farm and aimed to create the most modern pig farm in the country.

The two-level farm is for 450 sows, and for this project we delivered Welsafe farrowing pens for loose sows, Jumb-o-Fine mating crates, and FunkiFlex penning equipment for weaners along with Flexcover.

Furthermore, we delivered MultiControllers for dry feeding, silos with loadcell for feed consumption control, SmartLink system for PC and mobile control as well as Linak release system.

Thank you for choosing us! We wish you all the best results with your new farm!

The construction process in 1.30 min:
The construction process in 1.30 min:

Installing the silos:
Installing the silos: