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WELSAFE Freedom Farrowing Pens in the USA

We would like to introduce Jared Schilling, the dedicated owner of the "New Back Forty" farm located in New Athens, USA. As the proprietor, Jared oversees the…

01 IMG 2385

Smart farm in Denmark

For this project, we delivered penning equipment for sow as well as Funki MultiController for monitoring dry feeding system in real-time.

IMG 2082

Showcase farm in China

Welcome to the Tong Xiang Pork Showcase Farm in China, located just outside Shanghai. For this unique place, ACO Funki delivered all types of equipment,…


Finisher section in France

Construction of finisher / slaughter section in PVC board profiles. For this project, we have also delivered stainless steel troughs and liquid feeding system.


Welsafe Project in France

Welsafe farrowing pen is a popular choice in France, and here is the beautiful project in Rhône-Alpes.


Project in Moldova

For this project, we delivered troughs, penning equipment, feeding systems, and outdoor silos with flex augers - all of which are designed to improve…


Finisher barn in fiber

This modern finisher barn in Denmark has the capacity for 4.700 pigs. ACO FUNKI has supplied fiber equipment with stainless steel gates as well as the liquid…


Project with focus on animal welfare in China

480 Welsafe farrowing pens for loose sows and 1400 gestation crates in Sichuan province.

IMG 3137

First animal welfare pig farm in Korea

Happy Farm (더불어행복한농장) owned by Moon Jo Kim, where we delivered Welsafe farrowing pens for loose sows made of the durable fiber material.