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480 sows with production of 30 kg pigs
Leul din Sisesti, Romania

28 October 2019

One of the most modern sow farms in Romania has chosen ACO FUNKI as their supplier of equipment. Here you can see one of our recent projects in Romania, which was installed this summer and is expected to be set into operation in the beginning of December 2019.

For this project, we have delivered Residual Free Liquid feeding, which is a feeding method that ensures no leftovers in the feed pipes after feeding. This ensures fresh feed for each feeding, and not a mixture of new and old feed.

For the sows unit, we have delivered INN-O-FLEX penning equipment, Jumb-o-fine mating crates with stainless steel troughs, INN-O-CRATE farrowing pens with COMBI-floor as well as CLEAN-O-FLEX penning for young sows.

For the weaners unit, we have delivered CLEAN-O-FLEX penning equipment made of PVC board profiles and slatted floors: