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Funki MultiController - Manage all important processes in your pig barn
All-in-one controller

Smart Farm Management system

FUNKI MULTI CONTROLLER is a complete automation system for pig farms. The system can monitor and regulate the important systems in your pig barn: climate, feeding, water supply, lighting, animal weighing and so on.

This intelligent, user-friendly automation system gives you total control over all your barn processes and increases the profitability of your business operations. It also makes your work a whole lot easier!

The automated feed and water control system ensures that your animals receive the right amount of feed and water on time and that you have insight 24/7 into feed consumption and feed costs.

4 reasons to choose Funki MultiController:

  • Real-Time Feeding Control
    With the Funki MultiController , you have complete control over the most important processes in real time. No more manual adjustments or guesswork; our technology ensures precise and efficient management.
  • Data at Your Fingertips
    You have access to a comprehensive overview of your pigs' feeding patterns and consumption directly on their PCs or mobile phones. Our user-friendly interface makes it convenient to stay informed about your pig's health and growth.
  • Flexibility in Your Hands
    The MultiController empowers you as a farmer with the freedom to adapt and modify feeding settings remotely. Through a simple mobile app, you can make adjustments as if you were right in the pig barn.
  • Optimize Your Farming
    Are you ready to take your pig farming to the next level? Embrace the future of precision feeding and maximize your farm's potential with the Funki MultiController.

Funki MultiController APP

FUNKI App allows you to manage your stable's computers with your smartphone or tablet. After installing software on your device, you can connect to FUNKI computers in the stable via Internet and SmartLink-RM. Then you have control over them.

The screens and buttons in the App are the same as in the FUNKI computer. This results in recognizable user interface and ensures fast and precise management of the stable computer - wherever you are.

Funki Farm Management

With the Funki Farm Management program you can quickly and easily view and compare results of animal weight, climate, feed and water intake and more, for all the barns. This program provides clear visualisations of all relevant barn data in the form of charts and diagrams on your PC. You see an overall picture of the living conditions of your pigs, at a glance.

The dashboard of this management program can also be set up based on your personal wishes. You decide for yourself which data is most important to see and compare.

Areas you can control in your pig barn with Funki MultiController: