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Smart farm in Denmark
Real-time feeding control with Funki MultiController

State-of-the-art Equipment for sows

We are happy to share our latest project in Denmark with Carsten Christiansen. He has just completed a renovation of his pig barn.

In collaboration with our dealer Vanggaard Staldmontage ApS, we have supplied state-of-the-art equipment for free walking sows in the mating and gestation department.

This includes our popular Free Access boxes and pens with shoulder dividers. The pens give the sows the freedom to move freely and naturally while minimizing rank fights among the sows.

Carsten has also chosen traditional Funki farrowing pens, which ensure a safe and secure environment for sows and piglets.

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Real-time Feeding Control

In addition to penning solutions, we have delivered dry feeding systems that can be easily controlled via Funki #MultiConroller. The system regulates, controls, and monitors important systems in the pig barn and provides total control over feeding processes.

With the MultiController, Carsten can now monitor and manage the feeding of his pigs in real-time. The system provides valuable data insights accessible on mobile phone.

It means Carsten can track his pigs' feeding patterns, consumption rates, and identify any irregularities. This data-driven approach gave him a deeper understanding of his herd, allowing him to make informed decisions for their well-being.

Remote accessibility is one of the most significant advantages of the Funki MultiController. Whether a farmer is in the barn or far away, it is easy to adjust the feeding settings via mobile phone.

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We wish Carsten Christiansen success with his pig production and are happy to help him create the best environment for his animals.