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Weaners and Finishers

Weaners and finishers: CLEAN-O-FLEX

  • 35 mm PVC board profiles
  • Plastic plugs, rubber sealing and locking system
  • Completly tight and closed equipment
  • Easy to clean
  • Rounded edges and corners
  • Lasting materials: PVC and stainless steel
  • Innumerable combinations

Weaners and finishers: FUNKI FIBER

  • 10 mm massive fiber panels
  • Fully closed equipment
  • No hidden places where manure can be accumulated
  • Complete system, where everything is finalized
  • No cavities, only smooth surfaces, lasting quality

Weaners and finishers: FUNKI FLEX

  • 35 / 40 mm PVC board profiles
  • 75 cm high for weaners and 100 cm high for finishers
  • Cross-functional penning system
  • High quality hygienic material
  • Boardprofiles are closed both on upside and downside
  • Hygienic PVC-posts without holes
  • Floor angle of stainless steel and casted iron
  • Easy to mount

Liquid feeding wall: INN-O-WALL

  • Strong stainless steel trough for all pig ages
  • The trough is designed to prevent feed waste
  • Bended and closed edges for maximum hygiene
  • Optional ad lib feeding for piglets
  • Easy to mount

Climate cover for weaners: FLEXCOVER

  • 25, 50 and 75 cm board profiles
  • Rubber hinges for draft-free environment
  • Many build-in options
  • Light, but durable construction
  • Tight fittings for top hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Withstand to many washings
  • No sharp edges

PVC board profiles

  • Zig-zag lamellas for better stability
  • Lead-free PVC
  • Rubber strip is glued to the upper edge of the panels
  • Smart click system - simple and fast mounting
  • Tight, strong and smooth surface and rounded bottom
  • Easy to clean