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Penning equipment for Weaners and Finishers
Choose the right equipment to ensure animal welfare and productivity

Effective pig management in modern farming requires careful consideration of penning equipment to ensure the well-being and productivity of the animals. When it comes to weaners and finishers, the proper penning equipment plays a crucial role in creating a suitable environment for the pigs to thrive. By providing suitable equipment, you as a pig farmer can create a conducive environment for the pigs to thrive and grow efficiently.

Weaners and finishers: CLEAN-O-FLEX

  • 35 mm PVC board profiles
  • Plastic plugs, rubber sealing and locking system
  • Completly tight and closed equipment
  • Easy to clean
  • Rounded edges and corners
  • Lasting materials: PVC and stainless steel
  • Innumerable combinations

Weaners and finishers: FUNKI FIBER

  • 10 mm massive fiber panels
  • Fully closed equipment
  • No hidden places where manure can be accumulated
  • Complete system, where everything is finalized
  • No cavities, only smooth surfaces, lasting quality

Weaners and finishers: FUNKI FLEX

  • 35 / 40 mm PVC board profiles
  • 75 cm high for weaners and 100 cm high for finishers
  • Cross-functional penning system
  • High quality hygienic material
  • Boardprofiles are closed both on upside and downside
  • Hygienic PVC-posts without holes
  • Floor angle of stainless steel and casted iron
  • Easy to mount

Liquid feeding wall: INN-O-WALL

  • Strong stainless steel trough for all pig ages
  • The trough is designed to prevent feed waste
  • Bended and closed edges for maximum hygiene
  • Optional ad lib feeding for piglets
  • Easy to mount

Climate cover for weaners: FLEXCOVER

  • 25, 50 and 75 cm board profiles
  • Rubber hinges for draft-free environment
  • Many build-in options
  • Light, but durable construction
  • Tight fittings for top hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Withstand to many washings
  • No sharp edges

PVC board profiles

  • Zig-zag lamellas for better stability
  • Lead-free PVC
  • Rubber strip is glued to the upper edge of the panels
  • Smart click system - simple and fast mounting
  • Tight, strong and smooth surface and rounded bottom
  • Easy to clean