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Phase feeding of pigs
Optimal growth, maximized feed efficiency, and overall animal health

Phase feeding, also known as interval feeding, is a feeding strategy commonly employed in pig production to optimize nutrition and growth during different stages of an animal's life. This approach involves dividing the pig's growth period into distinct phases and adjusting the diet composition accordingly to meet their changing nutritional requirements.

The primary objective of phase feeding is to provide pigs with a balanced and cost-effective diet that promotes optimal growth, maximizes feed efficiency, and ensures overall animal health. By tailoring the diet to match the specific nutrient needs of each growth phase, you can minimize feed wastage, reduce environmental impact, and improve the profitability of your operations.

ColorFeed Phase Feeding

  • Phase feeding for sows, weaners and finishers
  • Deliver the right amount feed at exactly the right time
  • Control the process via app on your phone or your PC

FunkiNet Dry Single

  • Multi-phase feeding by pen level
  • Exact feed mixing
  • Feed consumption registration for every pen
  • Full traceability
  • High growth
  • Low feed waste
  • Low emissions of Nitrogen and Phosphorus

PorkTuner: Automated sorting of finishing pigs

  • More efficient use of feed
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Maximize use of floor space
  • Raise uniform finishing groups and automatically deliver at target weights
  • Optimize feed ordering and market forecasts with 24/7 access to accurate data
  • Data stored securely in the Cloud and available to share with third parties