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Biosecurity is the implementation of measures that reduce the risk of disease outbreaks. Protection against the serious, infectious diseases is crucial to prevent outbreaks of disease that can have severe financial consequences.

It requires that people adopt a set of rules and behaviors to reduce risk in all activities involving animals and their products.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, biosecurity measures should be used to avoid the entry of pathogens into a herd or farm (external biosecurity) and to prevent the spread of disease to uninfected animals within a herd or farm and to other farms, when the pathogen is already present (internal biosecurity).

We have classified the biosecurity measures in six groups: AIR, WATER, FEED, TECHNOLOGY, DESIGN, HUMAN FACTOR. We have developed the practical guidelines for each measure and can give you specific advices depending on your needs. Contact us for more information.

The role of people in disease transmission has been studied closely over the last decade: they can transport pathogens on footwear, clothing, hands, etc. People can carry viruses on their nasal mucosae (nasal carriers) without being infected. They can also be infected and shed pathogens as healthy or sick carriers. People also determine the movements of domestic animals and products among herds, markets and regions. (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

Therefore it is important that all authorized visitors understand the possible risk they present when entering a farm with a swine operation and what precautions need to be taken between farms that are visited. Prior to allowing them to enter the farm, all visitors should be briefed about the biosecurity procedures and policies. Watch a set of simple rules for the entrance zone in the video below.

Biosecurity entrance area

Disinfection of small items

  • CleanBox takes care of biosecurity in you pig stable
  • It is designed for 120 seconds treatment of all surfaces on smaller items, tools, laptops, phones etc.
  • 2 minutes = 99,99% treatment of bacteria, virus and fungi of all services.

Centralized Feed Storage

  • Controlled entry to the farm
  • Lower risk of contamination
  • Fresh feed and less infections