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Mating and Gestation Boxes for pig farms
Ensure optimal breeding and reproduction

Mating and gestation boxes are vital components of a well-designed pig farm that contribute to successful breeding programs and the operation's overall productivity. These specialized equipment provide a controlled environment for sows during mating and gestation periods, offering numerous benefits for the animals and the farmers.

Mating Boxes for sows

Mating boxes, also known as breeding or service crates, are designed to facilitate controlled mating between the boar and the sow. Mating boxes are designed to restrict the sow's movement while allowing the boar to mount her comfortably. This setup minimizes the risk of injury to both animals and ensures a successful breeding process.

Gestation Boxes for sows

Our gestation boxes are equipped with features that promote the well-being of the sow. It is reflected in our Free Access boxes for loose sows that provide physical comfort and help avoid fighting between the sows. The design of these boxes should prioritize easy access for routine health checks and the administration of necessary medications or vaccinations.

Mating and Gestation (MAG) Box

  • Spacious environment where sows can move freely
  • Safe and stress-free reproduction due to the smart design
  • The special red handle allows one to see from a distance if the animals are locked
  • Facilitates insemination and stimulation of the sows

Mating and gestation box: LD-box

  • Easy access for sows and staff
  • Optimum stimulation and time of service
  • Side covered trough helps to lower stress level
  • Superior sow-boar contact
  • Minimum risk of injuries
  • Multi-adjustable support

Free Access Box

  • Combined mating and gestation
  • Easy for sow to enter and leave the box
  • No pipes above the sow - optimum overview
  • Possible to reach 3 sows from the same position
  • User-friendly central locking system
  • Simple lock system

Group Feeding with Biofix Feeding Partition for Loose Sows

  • Suitable for liquid and dry feeding.
  • Prevents fighting over feed, reducing stress, and promoting harmony among sows.
  • Compatible with stainless steel and polymer troughs, ensuring easy integration.

Gestant sows: JUMB-O-FINE box

  • Free access to a sow due to the DUO rear gate
  • No upper pipes - free access to the sow
  • Simple locking system without loose pins
  • Extra strong box construction

Penning for sows and boars: INN-O-FLEX

  • 2 steel profiles at the bottom for durability
  • Upper pipes fit tight to the board profiles
  • U-profiles with inwards curved edges
  • No manure between U-profiles and board profiles
  • Easy to clean

Boar door with long handle

  • Operated without entering the box
  • Can be adjusted on site
  • Reversible
  • Easy to slam