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Mating and Gestation

Mating and gestation box: LD-box

  • Easy access for sows and staff
  • Optimum stimulation and time of service
  • Side covered trough helps to lower stress level
  • Superior sow-boar contact
  • Minimum risk of injuries
  • Multi-adjustable support
  • Maximum space utilization

Free Access Box

  • Combined mating and gestation
  • Easy for sow to enter and leave the box
  • No pipes above the sow - optimum overview
  • Possible to reach 3 sows from the same position
  • User-friendly central locking system
  • Simple lock system

Gestant sows: JUMB-O-FINE box

  • Free access to a sow due to the DUO rear gate
  • No upper pipes - free access to the sow
  • Simple locking system without loose pins
  • Extra strong box construction

Penning for sows and boars: INN-O-FLEX

  • 2 steel profiles at the bottom for durability
  • Upper pipes fit tight to the board profiles
  • U-profiles with inwards curved edges
  • No manure between U-profiles and board profiles
  • Easy to clean

Boar door with long handle

  • Operated without entering the box
  • Can be adjusted on site
  • Reversible
  • Easy to slam