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The Illinois farmer sets focus on animal welfare
Jared Schilling, 3,000-sows Farm in New Athens, Illinois, USA

We are glad to introduce Jared Schilling, the dedicated owner of the "New Back Forty" farm located in New Athens, USA. As the proprietor, Jared oversees the farm's operations with passion, commitment, and a strong focus on animal welfare.

A Farrowing Operation Committed to Excellence

"New Back Forty" is a farm with exceptional farrowing operation, boasting 3,000 sows. Jared has decided to extend the farm and installed 336 WELSAFE farrowing pens for loose sows, designed with the utmost care to provide optimal animal comfort and safety. Additionally, the farm features 294 JUMB-O-FINE mating crates, ensuring the well-being and productivity of the sows.

Compliance with Proposition 12: A Commitment to Ethical Farming Practices

At "New Back Forty" ethical farming practices are not just a choice but a way of life. The farm proudly upholds the standards set forth by Proposition 12, the Californian legislation that mandates humane animal living conditions. Jared Schilling ensures that the animals at his farm enjoy spacious and comfortable living spaces, adhering to the proposition's guidelines. This commitment underscores Jared's dedication to the welfare of his animals and his integrity as a responsible farmer.


Jared Shilling, 3,000 sows

New Athens, Illinois, USA

336 WELSAFE Farrowing pens;
294 JUMB-O-FINE Mating crates

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