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Dry feeding systems for all types of pigs
Enhancing Efficiency and Nutrition of your pigs

Dry feeding systems involve providing pigs with a nutritionally balanced dry feed, typically in the form of pellets or meal. This approach offers several advantages for both the farmers and the pigs.

First and foremost, dry feeding systems promote optimal nutrition and growth. Using pelleted or meal-based feeds allows for precise control over the composition of the diet, ensuring that pigs receive the necessary nutrients in the correct proportions. This leads to improved weight gain, enhanced muscle development, and overall better health of the animals.

Moreover, dry feeding systems increase feed efficiency. The feed can be accurately measured and delivered to each pig's feeding station, minimizing feed losses and optimizing consumption. This efficiency translates into cost savings for the farmer, as less feed is wasted and the overall feed conversion ratio improves.

Feeding of sows

  • VD100 floor feeder
  • Ad-lib feeder
  • Combi-feeder for sows and weaners
  • Phase feeding of sows

Intelligent Sow Feeding (iSF)

  • Save up to 800 gr of feed per sow per day.
  • Increase the efficiency of your time.
  • Reduce the pathogenic transmission.

Feeders for pigs

  • Baby Feeder
  • Box Feeder
  • FUNKIMAT feeder
  • TUBE-O-MAT feeder
  • 3IN1 NX feeder

Feed dispensers for dry feeding

  • VD2 feed dispenser
  • VD5 feed dispenser
  • VD6 feed dispenser
  • VD22 feed dispenser

Phase feeding of pigs

  • Master Valve Dry and Funki Phase Dry
  • FunkiNet Dry Single
  • FunkiNet Dry Section
  • FunkiNet Dry Multi

Feed Transport System

  • Extremely strong conveyor chains
  • Corners are optimized to extra long durability
  • Transportation of pellets and meal