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Automatic Interval Feeding for pigs
Multi-phase feeding by pen level

Why is it important to deliver the right feed at the right time?

The correct feeding with the automatic interval feeding system ensures the optimal growth and performance of your pigs. It promotes animal welfare, helps prevent diseases, and minimizes the environmental impact, all of which are essential for successful pig farming. You get significantly less feed waste as you use your feed wisely and get better feed conversion.

How does the system work?

Our goal is to deliver the right feed at the right time. It requires that we know the current weight and can prognose the growth rate. So, you start with inputting your data for each pen, raw or section, and the computer generates an optimal selection of feed based on this information.

The automatic interval feeding system Funkinet Dry Single guarantees an automatic and seamless transition of feed based on the planned growth of the pigs. The system offers detailed information on individual feed consumption at different levels, allowing for extensive data analysis. You can customize the type and quantity of feed based on this information.

Having a solid foundation of accurate data enables informed decision-making and maximizes production improvements.

About the system

Phased (interval) feeding is a strategy where multiple feed mixes are distributed to a group of pigs based on feed curves or weight ranges to meet the pigs‘ nutritional needs precisely.

The FunkiNet Dry Single concept can run simultaneously with two independent dry feeding systems. That gives the system a unique high capacity. Each feeder has an empty sensor and it is possible to decide the amount of feed and how often it has to fill the feeders. Thus, you can control each pen's feed amount and mix.

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