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Color Feed Dry Feeding System for pigs
Dry feeding system for sows, weaners and finishers

How do you define feed efficiency?

Pigs need different types of feed at different stages. It is essential to have a system that allows easy switching between different types of feed or the next feeding step.

This simplifies the operation and enables cost savings by individually adjusting the feed type at the appropriate time. It ensures the health and growth of pigs.

If we speak about sows in farrowing stables, giving the sow suitable low-fat feed in the first three days after farrowing is important. After this, switching to a high-fat composition is better to support milk production for the growing piglets. This transition from low-fat to high-fat feed is crucial as it ensures proper nutrition at the right time.

How to make sure that the pigs get the right feed at the right time?

The special system can make it for you. All you need to do is to remember to switch between the right feed type or mix. The system will deliver it according to your request.

Our solution called “FunkiNet ColorFeed” does not require any electronic equipment in the rooms, making it less sensitive to damage or disruption during the cleaning process. This reduces the risk of equipment malfunction.

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