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WELSAFE - Freedom Farrowing Pen
Healthy conditions for sows and piglets - Benefits for you as a farmer

Welsafe loose farrowing pen is a well-proven system that provides a more natural and comfortable environment for sows and their piglets during the farrowing period. These pens offer several benefits over traditional farrowing crates.

The design allows maximum utility of the space available for both the sows, the piglets, and the workers.

Why it is important to focus on animal welfare

As pig farming continues to develop, it has become essential to prioritize the welfare of the animals. One key aspect is ensuring that sows and their piglets have a safe and comfortable environment during farrowing.

Giving sows more space to move around and express natural behavior makes them less likely to develop physical and behavioral problems. It means reducing the need for medical intervention and increasing the herd's overall health.

Physical activity is good for sows. When the sow can walk free in the pen, she is healthier, has better digestion, and produces stronger piglets in better condition. This not only benefits the animals but also the farmers, their economy, and the environment.

The system allows sows to move freely, stand, lie, and interact with their piglets. This promotes better physical and psychological well-being, reducing stress and improving overall welfare. Reduced stress and physical discomfort may result in fewer health issues and improved reproductive performance, leading to a longer productive lifespan.

At the same time, piglets in loose farrowing pens have more opportunities for social interaction and exercise. They can move around, explore their surroundings, and interact with their littermates. This promotes healthier growth and development.

About Welsafe Freedom Farrowing Pen

Welsafe farrowing pen helps to increase productivity. Welsafe is a farrowing pen for loose nursing sows, where the sow can be fixated during farrowing. The farrowing pen’s unique features help reduce piglet mortality and increase the weight on weaning compared to the traditional farrowing pens.

In general, the WELSAFE farrowing pen is about making the sow comfortable and increasing the piglets' survival rate. When you choose the right flooring, the farrowing pen ensures a colder space for the sow and a warmer area for the piglets. The sow usually rests on the cool cast iron floor, while the piglets need warmer plastic gratings.

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