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WELSAFE Farrowing Pen for loose sows - Focus on animal welfare
Healthy conditions for sows and piglets - Benefits for you as a farmer

Focus on animal welfare

As pig farming continues to develop, it has become essential to prioritize the welfare of the animals. One key aspect is ensuring that sows and their piglets have a safe and comfortable environment during farrowing.

Giving sows more space to move around and express natural behavior makes them less likely to develop physical and behavioral problems. It means reducing the need for medical intervention and increasing the herd's overall health.

As for humans, physical activity is good for the sow. When the sow can walk free in pen, she is healthier, has better digestion and produces stronger piglets in better condition.

This benefits not only the animals, but also the farmers, their economy and the environment.

Why should you choose farrowing pens for loose sows?

In the last two decades, gestation crates have disappeared to enhance sow welfare in many countries and production systems all across the globe. The notion grows that a sow must also be able to stretch its legs during lactation.

In various countries, legislation has already been accepted in that direction, and new farrowing crates will likely have to change design and usage in the European Union by the latest 2027.

Plenty of reasons, therefore, to look into alternatives already now.

The main benefits:

  • Production results show 0,5-1 kg extra weight at weaning and more piglets per litter
  • Swiveling sides allow short-term restraining, which helps to reduce piglets’ mortality
  • Height-adjustable barrier plate in the piglet nest
  • The sides can also be used as flexible protection during the inspection of the sow
  • Inspection access between the farrowing crate and the piglet nest - not necessary for employees to come into the sow
  • Stronger sows in better condition
  • Lower consumption of medicine

Better Welsafe than sorry

By allowing sows to move freely and exercise their natural behavior patterns, farrowing pens for loose sows create a more natural and comfortable environment for the animals.

WELSAFE farrowing pens ensure good space for sows and piglets and the experience proves a higher weaning weight compared to traditional farrowing pens.

We have installed over 10,000 farrowing pens for loose sows in different countries.

Do you also want to make a difference for animals' welfare?


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